Jumbo Chalkboard Medal Hanger


Ran your new personal best? Now, you can just wipe it and flaunt it on our new chalkboard medal hanger. See it in action – click here.

Jumbo Chalkboard Medal Hanger is home to your prized collection of hard-earned medals, glorious PBs as well as race picture all in one place.

As runner ourselves, we understand how important race pictures are! This medal hanger comes with an innovative photo frame to help you showcase your favorite race pic.

Learn how, the photo frame works – click here.

Don’t have a hard copy of your recent race picture? Fret not! Just drop us an email with your favorite picture & order receipt. We will send you a complimentary copy of your picture pre-installed. Yes, we are awesome 😀

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Each medal hanger is handcrafted one at a time, slowly and patiently by artisans. With every unique stroke of the brush, innate vibrancy of colors and distinctive texture of the wood, gives birth to a piece that is truly authentic and one of a kind, just like your running and cycling journey.

Each medal hanger that you buy contributes to the livelihood of these highly skilled craftsmen.

Product Details:

  • Size: 28 inches x 12inches / 2.3 feet x 1 feet (As the name suggests, this is a Jumbo Medal Hanger to hold a lot of your medals, BIBs, and race picture together at one place. We advise you to measure and find a suitable wall in your home before making a purchase)
  • 25 hooks staggered in two rows – Each hook is rated to hold up to 3 kgs worth of medals, so don’t worry you will not run short of space 😉
  • The Medal hanger comes with two robust bulldog clips to hold many race bibs at once, so it’s time to preserve all your memorable race bibs
  • Innovative photo frame to hold your favorite picture of size 4” x 6” to 5” x 7”
  • Hand-painted with chalk paint to give it a matte and chic look
  • Lettering is meticulously done with hands
  • Chalk paint is sealed with high-quality PU topcoat which makes cleaning your medal hanger easy – just wipe it with a damp cloth
  • 2 keyhole picture hangers on the back to make hanging a breeze
  • 2 screws with nylon wall plugs and chalk will be included in the packaging  – look, we saved your visit to hardware and stationery shop 😀
  • Every order is hand-made especially for you. Please be patient, we look forward to making something beautiful to help you cherish your wins for a lifetime.
  • We shall dispatch orders within 4-5 business days of order placement and all shipping times are estimated in good faith to be anywhere between 3-10 business days depending on the location to be shipped in India.
  • In case you are gifting this to your buddy, let us know. We will help you in making them feel special 🙂
  • Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have. We are happy to help!


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